Spicy and Sweet
A chat with Vootsak

With our conversation ranging from web comics to encountering questionable individuals on Smith Street, we chat with Melbourne visual artist Vootsak who shares insight into the inspirations and processes that form her visually confident yet anxious and introspective art style.

Sensitive Sweethearts

Described as an exhibition for “those who wear their hearts on their sleeves”, Sensitive Sweethearts is a celebration of feelings, and being open and honest with them – even the messier ones.

Conscript – Volume 4

Ahead of the launch of the latest volume of Conscript, we had a chat with Darcy Berry, the mastermind behind the zine, to find out how his fourth edition came about and what it entails.

Gracie Edwards

Working across the mediums of photography and painting Gracie Edwards’ ties together visuals that highlight our interaction with the scenes that surround us, and what exactly can be found within them.

Soft Toy City

Soft Toy City is a group exhibition curated by Tegan Iversen asking artists to explore their relationships with soft toys as adults.