Broke & Enter
The New Fundraiser Mini-Festival

After losing gear, income and irreplaceable recordings during a home invasion and car theft, Melbourne artists Ella Clair and Bailey Judd have created new hope amidst the tribulation, in the form of the mini-festival fundraiser Broke & Enter, featuring a huge line-up of local talent united in the common support of their fellow artists.

Track by Track:
Alex Marko – Tranquility

Alex Marko’s debut release Tranquillity is an exploration of the ambience of nature and space – layered with sounds of gentle waves or bird chirping alongside myriad acoustic and electric guitars, and crafted to bring about a presence of calm and balance.

Norwood – Boring

Today we have the incredible pleasure of premiering the shining new single ‘Boring’ by local alternative folk band Norwood – a nuanced and enlivened release that couldn’t be identified as further away from its title.

Track by Track:
Hope Wilkins – Coffee Cups

On her long-awaited debut EP Coffee Cups, Canberra-based singer-songwriter Hope Wilkins shares a collection of evocative indie-rock, packed with heartfelt musings and wry jabs at toxic exes. Now one week since its release, Hope gave us the inside scoop into what inspired the EP.