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Terry - Gold Duck
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 25th January, 2023

Alongside the announcement of their fourth album Call Me Terry, today we’ve got the pleasure of welcoming Terry back with a listen to the album’s charmingly wonky first single ‘Gold Duck’.
Huge news in the inbox today with intel that there’s a brand new Terry record on the way. Five years on since the release of I’m Terry, the Melbourne/Sydney-ish quartet are back with their next batch of idiosyncratic and oddball garage-punk, reacquainting us once more for album four with the title Call Me Terry. For a band that sound like no other, they’re not in much need of an introduction - but that said, those words are ever so sweet.

From the get-go, ‘Gold Duck’ does what Terry do best - built over an ambling groove, synths zigzag and guitars jangle, setting a colourful backdrop for the band’s forthright vocals to snipe over. It’s equal parts immediate and deceptive, the band sounding as easy-going as they are demanding. When talking about the track, Al Montfort is similarly straight to the point - “’Gold Duck’ is a song about how entitlement constrains change. Words are nice. Burn the flag.”

Call Me Terry is out on Friday April 14th via Anti Fade Records (AU/NZ) and Upset The Rhythm - head here or here to pre-order the record.