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Video Premiere:
Watty Thompson -
The Beauty That Surrounds Ya
Words by Francis Tait
Tuesday 31st August, 2021

For the past decade around Naarm, you would have recognised Thomas Watson for his fervent guitar slinging with acts like Sheriff and Jumping Jack William, but today he has blessed us with the first glimpse into his newly minted Watty Thompson project - and what a beauty to behold it is.
Trading the Gibson SG and sweaty dive bars for an acoustic Maton and camp chair by the fire, Watty Thompson’s debut serving of ethereal, country-tinged Australiana introduces itself like a warm hug and an invitation inside for a beer.

‘The Beauty That Surrounds Ya’ begins with little more than the cackle of a kookaburra and a simmering drone, leaving plenty of room for Watty Thompson’s impassioned bellow and immersive lyricism to cut right through you - much like the belly of a snake through sand. As you sink deeper and deeper, waves of accordion and the whine of a lap steel guitar dance around Watty’s strummed guitar and wash over you like those first few days of September sun.

Paired with a stunning, cinematic film clip that takes no issue in slapping the beauty on thick, you’ll find yourself completely engulfed. Set upon a backdrop of the finest golden beaches, rolling hills and glimmering rivers that Gadubanud Country has blessed us with, Watty Thompson greets you like a spirited tour guide, just as likely to hand you a map as they are a pint of homebrew.

‘The Beauty That Surrounds Ya’ is an entrancing invitation into the mind of Watty Thompson and a much needed dopamine hit, that possesses an unembellished tenderness that will stay with you long after the final drone of acoustic guitar twang fades out.

Go take yourself for a long walk. I’m just about to.

'The Beauty That Surrounds Ya' is out in all the usual places on the first day of Spring.
Watty Thompson on Facebook
Clip by Max Rawicz from We Are Moonhouse
Photo by Thomas Hulse