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Track by Track:
Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters -
Waiting In A Corner
Words by Jacob McCormack
Thursday 6th May, 2021
Catapulting themselves back onto the scene with their fifth studio album, Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters explore the notion of waiting for something non-descript on their most recent release - a continuation of their quintessential sound, the punk rockers truly affirm their depth and excellence across Waiting In A Corner.
Despite an instrumental opening track being a somewhat uncharacteristic for the group, Waiting In A Corner's sonic journey commences in this 66 second amalgamation of strangled rhythm guitar overlaid with a reverberating riff and a slowed down drumbeat. The controlled franticness is then kickstarted by the second track ‘If You Only Knew’, as the velocity of all instruments intensifies, and Jackson Reid Briggs' charged vocals echo the title of the track, insinuating a knowledge that the target audience is unaware of. As the album progresses and shifts into the track ‘Been Waiting’, the LP's title and themes become increasingly apparent, this song seemingly encapsulates the idea of tarrying in anticipation for an outstanding event to occur; a sentiment Jackson likens to the experience of living through a pandemic.

The album begins to crescendo with tracks ‘Eaten Alive’ and ‘Too Many Years’ as the raw energy of the band seems to climax in the form of fast paced five minute songs that distort the concept of time due to their high-octane nature. Maintaining their enduring vitality, the Heaters’ electric instrumentation amalgamates with the grieving lyrics attributed to the loss of a friend in ‘Look Me In The Eyes’. This track bridges effectively into the penultimate song ‘Feel It’ which dissects the innate change that binds itself to life. Closing out with another instrumental track Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters accelerate the introductory counterpart to round out the album with a punchy and heaving 72 seconds of ferocity and feedback.

We had the privilege of receiving a track-by-track breakdown of the album, courtesy of Jackson. Keep reading to gorge yourself on a behind-the-process summary of Waiting In A Corner.

Not sure what possessed me to bookend the album with instrumentals but I did.

If You Only Knew

The day we finished recording our previous record Hammered a good friend of myself and the rest of the band passed away. After the initial shock and grief much later that night I wrote two songs for him out the back of my house. This was the first one.

Been Waiting

Probably one of the very first songs written for this record. I guess it sounds like a Covid song. But was probably written at the end of 2019. I guess it just explores that idea of chipping away at life, waiting for something to happen, or not.

Eaten Alive

A song about having to grow as a human and make a few changes to be a better person for those around you. This song is just as much a personal reflection as it is a reflection on society.

Too Many Years

When the years of enjoying yourself start to grind mentally and physically.

Dealing Again

Started as a song about western meddling in the east and ended up morphing into a song about dealing drugs. Both verses are exactly the same so you can decide for yourself.

Look Me In The Eyes

The second song I wrote for my friend. I saw him everywhere I looked. This song is about that.

Feel It

A song about feeling change, feeling shifts within yourself and society but needing to put the foot down further to cement those ideas.


The intro but faster.
Waiting In A Corner is out now via Legless Records - head to to purchase the album on limited vinyl. Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters will be launching the recorf at the Gasometer on Friday May 7th, with Arse, Romero and Shove.