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Life Advice with Grinspoon
Words by Francis Tait
Wednesday 31st July, 2019
With the announcement of a 2019 national tour and a new compilation out on vinyl of the band’s favourite singles, we jumped at the opportunity to have Aus-rock legends Grinspoon kick off our new Dolly Doctor-esque segment Life Advice.

You sent in your questions and Grinspoon have put their heads together to share a little of the wisdom they’ve been accumulating since blowing up on Triple J Unearthed way back in 1997.
Grinspoon, to start, you guys are my fav band. I’m struggling with a bit of anxiety of late, something that I've noticed since I broke my shoulder in two spots last year. I listen to a lot of music, it fixes me up, but I feel like there's more I could do to help myself get better and better. Any ideas, tips, advise that u could share? Thanx
⁃ Scott M, 44

Hey Scott, first of all, let me congratulate you on your choice of music, you obviously have great taste :). I think everyone in our band has felt anxiety at various stages over the years, even at times like just before going on stage. Music is a great healer but I always think getting outside and going for a walk in nature is always great. If you’re near the beach, surfing or body bashing is always good too!

What should my band be called?
⁃ Anon

Crazy names like Psychedelic Porn Crumpets seem to be in these days. We got ours off the side of a book so maybe go online and use the band name generator!

Hey Grinners, I’ve been working away on my music for the last years, and just as it’s been starting to pick up I’ve started full time work. Any tips on how to make time for both, because every night I get home and I just can’t be bothered, even though I know I should be working on my stuff.
⁃ Kate, 23

Ah, work sucks but you gotta earn a buck, right? Even though you’re tired and probably just wanna flop in front of the TV, I bet if you spent a bit of time on your songs you’d feel great about it. My advice would be to spend a night organising your studio/workspace so that the next day when you get home everything is setup and ready to go, and there no excuse not to do it!

I hate reading menus, so I love it when someone else can order for me. What’s your go-to meal when you head out for dinner? Bit of a silly one, I know!
⁃ Dougal, 33

If it’s Thai I’ll go curry puffs, red curry chicken and rice. I’ve had it a thousand times and never been disappointed! Some may say its unadventurous but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?!

Can’t wait to hear a few of the old classics on the upcoming tour guys! Which songs are you most keen to play (so I can make sure I’m ready to sing along)?
⁃ Maddie, 35

It’s actually the songs the crowd are most eager to sing along to which are the ones we’re most keen to play, so maybe we should get the fans to write the set list - any suggestions?

Should I be putting tomato sauce in the fridge or cupboard? I’m about to move out and have still never figured this out.
⁃ Anon

Good question, I’ll usually end up with some in both. It’s weird because I don’t even eat tomato sauce.

Any advice on how to deal with how intimidating it can be to take the plunge and go all in on a passion project?
⁃ Ben, 24

You only live once, if you don’t go all in, what’s the point hey? It’s not always that easy but the longer you put it off the less chance you’ll ever do it.

Hey guys, just a quick one. Any style tips for a single bloke in his late 20s looking to hit the dating scene again this weekend? The ex-misso always said I had an “unstimulating” fashion sense lol.
- H, 28

Black t-shirt and jeans? Sorry mate, you're asking the wrong bloke as that’s all I wear!

Hi Grinspoon, got any Triple J Unearthed hacks? We’ve been slogging away at this thing for bloody ages now.
⁃ The Vacant Smiles, 23-26

Write a song with a swear word in the title, that seems to work sometimes. Example - ‘You Shit Me To Tears’ by The Tenants. Sorry, that’s all I got!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
- Trouble Juice

Depends how Saturday night went! But you can’t go astray with the three B’s - beach, BBQ and beer...

Catch Grinspoon with The Hard Aches, The Gooch Palms and Bugs later this year on their Chemical Hearts Tour 2019.

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