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The Omega Point - Reservoir
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 6th November, 2019
Following the release of their EP Reservoir last week, we got in touch with Melbourne audio-visual experimentalists The Omega Point to learn more about the synthy dream-pop that makes up their captivating debut.
Formed earlier this year after both parties relocated to Melbourne, The Omega Point is the brainchild of Paul de Sol and Alexandra Moon. With two unique backgrounds - Alexandra an electronic producer and visual artist and Paul a multi-instrumentalist from a Mexican psych-rock group - their new project perfectly amalgamates their skillsets, blurring weirdo electronics with psychedelic guitars and pop smarts, with a live show that also mixes in live visuals and spoken word.

The new EP kicks off with ‘Virus’, a track that welcomes us into The Omega Point’s sonic universe as glitchy beats swirl with layered synths and the duo’s co-vocals blend together. While Reservoir’s music itself is obviously just auditory, it’s immediately clear that there’s more to the project, thanks to the cinematic nature of the tracks. As we drift into the expansive ‘Faith’ up next, and then the uncannily groovey ‘Come for a Ride’, another layer unfolds as the EP’s narrative begins to reveal itself.

Describing the EP as “a bleak journey through technological acceleration and desolation to the rejuvenating tranquillity of the ‘Reservoir’”, The Omega Point masterfully combine real environmentalist issues with otherworldly soundscapes and sci-fi tendencies. That’s not to say it’s an overwhelmingly challenging listen - instead, it’s easy to become completely immersed in these tracks, like on the woozy ’Zero’. Finally, Reservoir rounds out with the title track, a meticulously crafted art-pop song that transports us somewhere else entirely (check out their new clip for the track below if you don’t believe us).

To find out a bit more about Reservoir, Alex and Paul took us through each moment track by track.

’Virus’ is about the anxiety that comes from contemplating the idea that the human race is somewhat like a virus, destroying its host.


‘Faith’ is about blind faith, or how we have a tendency to sublimate different forms of blind faith for another - once it was religion, now materialism.

Come for a Ride

‘Come for a Ride’ travels through space and time and asks “are you divine? are you resigned?” Do humans think they are immune to the consequences of the drastic changes taking place in our ecosystem?


‘Zero’ is more personal, and is about the search for a “soul-mate” - being more about having to get to know and make friends with the darker sides of yourself, or about feeling existentially exhausted.


‘Reservoir’ is full of hope, and is an ode to a creator/ destroyer Kali-esque or Mother Earth type deity.

Have a listen to Reservoir up the top, and check out the new clip for the title track above. Over the next few weeks, The Omega Point are taking their multi-media live show around the east coast of Australia - head to Facebook for the dates.